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Holeshot Magazine was established in July of 1999 by John Willis. John has been a huge fan of motocross his whole life. He has a degree in Graphic Design from Abilene Christian University and went to work at a few different advertising agencies to gain his knowledge in design and publication. While he was attending college he bought a 1991 KX250 and started racing motocross in the DFW area as well as the West Texas tracks. While racing over the next several years, John saw the need for a full color, glossy Motocross magazine that featured amateur and pro racers, moto businesses, and industry from the great state of Texas. His dream came to life in the winter of 1999 when he meet up with the legendary moto photographer Jeff Cox. With John's deign and publication skills and Jeff's awesome photos, the first issue was brought to life and debuted at Ponca City in July of 2000. Over the last 9 years we have assembled a great team of contributers that make Holeshot Magazine happen issue after issue.

John Willis is the Editor and publisher of Holeshot Magazine. He was born in 1967 in Durrant Oklahoma. He has been married for 9 years to his wife Melanie and has a dog named Roxie. John has a degree in graphic design from Abilene Christian University. He has been a huge fan motocross his whole life. His first bike was a 1979 RM 80 when he was 16 years old. His first race was a Mosier Valley night race in 1992 at the age of 26. His favorite pro racer of all time is Damon Bradshaw.

"I have the best job in the world, I have combined my two passions which are motocross and design together for a career. I love my job! " John still gets out and rides and gets in a race here and there in the over 40 class.


John Willis interviews Evil Knievel for a feature story in an upcoming issue of Holeshot Magazine at the Ft. Worth Motorcycle Expo back in 2004. Photo by Jer

Holeshot Magazine Contributors
Read below to find out a little bit more about some of our team...

Shand Garcia is Assistant Editor at Holeshot Magazine. Stemming off of a friendship through racing with John Willis dating back to the early 1990's, Shand has been with Holeshot since May 2004. Shand can be seen, and heard, at the tracks doing both Holeshot Mag PR work and announcing races. Shand brings a love to the sport that originated when he was an infant, having been born into motorcycle racing. His duties at Holeshot include articles, interviews, race coverage, limited advertising, as well as our Track Directory Guide which features Track phone number listings with practice and race dates. In 2007 Shand authored and published "Berm - The Texas Motocross Chronicles" ..... a 40 year history book on Texas Motocross, and also took over the removable fork seal protector company.... Shock Sox. If you see Shand at the track please say hello, and grab an issue of Holeshot from him.

Tim Wallace Director of Photography

Tim started riding at a very early age and started racing in the early 70's. He has been obsessed with motocross all of his life. However, later injuries and life commitments have limited the ability to continue to race at any sort of competitive level, but he wanted to stay involved in the sport. Tim's passion for the sport and love for photography have synergized to keep him active in the industry.

Tim joined Holeshot just after its inception and brought the very first digital images to ever be printed in a motocross magazine to the table and after much debate, we made history being the first to prove that digital does print.

Since joining Holeshot, Tim has traveled the US to cover pro and amateur events so that we could all enjoy the “in your face” coverage. This all came with great financial and personal sacrifice. At one time almost all the photos were from Tim until our list of incredible contributors grew to a point he could slow down and enjoy the contribution of others.

Tim has worked in the oil and gas industry for the last 25 years and is married to his beautiful wife, Janette. They have four boys, Ryan, Brandon, Logan and Justin. Tim continues to shoot moto and share his knowledge with some along the way. Tim and Janette also own a very lucrative photo business, JMarie Photography, which covers a huge range of other types of photography.

Aaron Remkus - Contributing Photographer
Born - Sept 22, 1971. Dallas, Tx.
Years Riding - 23
Years Racing - 12
Occupation - Systems Analyst
Education - BSEE
Bikes - CRF250 and KXF450, #914
Equipment - Canon MK III ID
Both photos are by Becky (Rebecca Hale)
Ray Blakley is has almost 30 years experience in general media, web design, advertising, direct mail and multimedia. He's the owner of Blakely Creative. Since the beginning he has contributed to the advertising and website for Holeshot Magazine. In his spare time he crews with his cousin Doug Hamaker on his Haymaker 125 drag boat team as a crew leader, tow driver and publicity director.

Mark Borge

Involvement with Holeshot Magazine: Writer, Accounting and general assistance
Years riding experience: Since 1979
First Bike: 1975 Kawasaki KD 100 (I was 13)
First race: Mosier Valley Night Race – 1982
Some Racing Highlights: Worked to become an Expert by early 1985, raced at Loretta’s that year in 250 B modified (but the bike broke in the first moto!). I raced against Bob Hannah in Englishtown, New Jersey in 1986 and rode in a television movie with Brad Lackey and Steve Wise.
Racing Heroes/Influences: Bob Hannah, Roger DeCoster, Mike Bell, David Bailey, Rick Johnson, Jeff Ward, Danny Chandler, Dennis Hawthorne, Danny Storbeck, Bill Newkirk and many others that I raced with and rode with back in the day.
Industry Experience: Worked for motorcycle dealerships, Yamaha of Texas and Northeast Cycles, for several years throughout high school and college
Education: Bachelors in Finance from UTA
Current Profession: Business Owner / Entrepreneur
Family: My wife Julie, and kids – Kaleigh and Allie and a dog named Cookie!
Comment: I still love riding, I’m a fan of motocross and I think Holeshot Magazine is one of the highest quality motocross publications available.

Roy Jenkins is an announcer/chaplain/journalist and author of three books: "Devotions for Racers," "Racing Fuel for the Spirit," and "Dirt Bike Ike." He has been married for 26 years to Linda and they have two children, Lacey soon to be a High School English teacher, and Kyle, an assualtman in the Marines. Roy's main mission in life is to bring the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the MX community, and gets to re-live his childhood by racing Vintage Elsinores.
Matthew Painter, I am 42 years old, I grew up in England kickboxing and racing RZ350s. I moved to the USA in 1990. I have been working as a Paramedic in the Fire Dept for 18 years here in New Mexico, when I am not at the fire Dept, I am either snowboarding, or at the MX tracks with my two boys Brandon aged 14 and Liam aged 8, they both race MX. When I get to the local tracks, I work as a Paramedic to help out and take pictures of riders for Holeshot.
Russ Erbe is a contributing photographer/writer from West Texas. Russ began contributing to Holeshot in 2008 and regularly covers races in West Texas along with a few Pro SX and MX events each year. Russ had a few dirtbikes growing up, but injuries forced him to stop riding in his 20’s. In his early 30’s Russ took up photography and it quickly became his passion and he found his way back to the MX track. After a few years of shooting MX, he couldn’t stand it anymore and had surgery to repair a damaged shoulder so that he could start riding again. Now Russ is having to split time between photography and riding and he couldn’t be happier doing so. Russ lives in Lubbock, TX with his wife and 3 children. Russ manages the public computer labs for the Technology Department at Texas Tech University, shoots as a freelance photographer for the Lubbock news paper and does other forms of photography as a side job for his photography business called ErbemanPhotos.


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